Technical Section

Hello ! These pages will be for the Owner who likes to get their hands dirty !
We will attempt to put guides to aid owners with common and, perhaps, rarer problems they may have in owning their Pride & Joys.

We also hope to build a list of xperts who have helped Us all on our journeys.

Cerbera AP Clutches

The Cerbera Clutch has a reputation of neing an unreliable little critter but, in this idiot's mind, I feel this is unwarranted (no pun intended). In my experience the Clutch does a fantastic job of handling the 400 horsepower that is thrown through it by, shall we say, some over-enthusiastic owners. This, combined with the fact that several clutches have been incorrectly adjusted when they were set-up, has led to several failures. A well-adjusted AP Clutch will last at least 60,000 miles - depending on treatment - so don't make it a decision-breaker if you are thinking of prospective Cerbera ownership.


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Coming soon :- Helpful ideas on tuning your RV8 Motor