TVRs have a reputation of being unreliable.
Here is  a story to disprove that reputation and
"Blow Your Mind"




In February this year our club had to announce, with great regret,
the passing of our Vice-President and Secretary, Pierre-Yves Augsburger.


Pierre-Yves was a warm, friendly, interesting man whose vast knowledge
and dedication to all types of motoring did our club proud.

His presence will be greatly missed and our hope, within the club,
is to continue with the welcoming and generous spirit he filled us with.


The Club will always respect his memory.

“May the road rise to meet you, friend”



Pierre-Yves était un homme chaleureux, amical et intéressant dont les
vastes connaissances et le dévouement à tous les types d'automobilisme
fait notre club fier. Sa présence nous manquera beaucoup et notre espoir,
au sein du club, est de continuer avec l'esprit accueillant et généreux
dont il nous a tous dotés.

Le Club respectera toujours sa mémoire.


"Que la route monte à ta rencontre, mon vieux"