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Thierry Asselborn   

Den Thierry war ee vun de Grënnungsmembere vum Club an ass aktuell "tëscht" Tuscans.

Roland Biewesch & Myriam Schmit
Roland and Myriam invested in their 4.0,   2004 Tuscan S together, in 2019 - Surely the ultimate marriage commitment !

Roland Bruch
(Reckeng op der Mess)
Roland owns a 1978 3000S

Jean-Marc Dupont
J-M acquired his RHD 2001 Tuscan S in 2012.
It became the GUEST STAR at his wedding to his wife, Marie, in 2019.

Peter Haussler
(Esch Alzette)

Although currently suffering a failed Clutch, here is Pater's Chimaera in earlier, glory days, on the TVR stand at the 2016 Car Show.

Paul Jenkins    &    BLACKBEAUTY©
Paul bought his 4.5,  2001 Cerbera, in August 2005 and spent 13 (unlucky for some) years enjoying her delights. 
Unfortunately, in 2018, a very kind French lady crashed into the front of 'BlackBeauty' in a hospital carpark. The ensuing insurance complications meant that he had to take her off the road while savings were made. He took this opportunity to 'fix' all those little 'characteristics' which he hadn't appreciated in the original design of the vehicle.
                                                                                     This 'project' has taken 5 years,    so far....

Raoul acquired his 2004,  3.6, T350t  in 2013.

Rob Köller
Although not a TVR owner, Rob owns some Scimitars, which follow the same design philosophy and so is a welcome member of the group.

Dan Kreilgaard
After trying several different models of TVR, Dan eventually found a Griffith that suited all his needs.